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Jewellery choice depending on your body type

Fashion is a dynamic phenomenon, unlike your body type, usually. Once you will understand and find your style, you will be able to choose your accessories more easily and without spending a month of Sundays on it.

Various accessories can be a great way to vary your style and to accentuate the body features that you are proud of. You can emphasize and point the attention towards some certain body parts by wearing an appropriate accessory, especially massive one. This blog post will advise you on how to do just that.

There exist a lot of different body type classifications. However, there are five main which we will focus on; peer, apple, triangle, hourglass and tube.

Peer. If this is your body type, you should emphasize the upper part of your body – suits everything that directs the look up. Your jewellery should be brighter and bigger. Especially fits unusual forms, interesting and large jewellery: collars, necklaces, hanging earrings. Belts are none too good, especially the ones that put a stress on your hips.

Apple. Jewellery is a rescue for this body type – the more characteristic, the better! Long, big, massive jewellery and long dangle earrings should be matched with vertical stripes of clothes.

Inverted triangle. The main tip for those having this body type is not to widen the upper part of the body. You should choose interesting bracelets, bangles and rings that would direct the look downward. Since your hips are narrower than shoulders, you should try accentuating your waist with a belt.

Hourglass. The most important and irreplaceable accent is belt which accentuates the waist. Belts can be especially bright. This body type is a true image of femininity created by the nature, emphasize it by wearing round shape earrings. Avoid accessories that are too massive, since these can dwarf your silhouette.

Tube. Women having this body type can create various looks: modern, elegant, subtle, vintage – all you have to do is to combine appropriate accessories. Long necklace besides the chest, a thin belt or a small pearl pendant is an irreplaceable accessory. If you are petite, you should avoid large pendants and massive rings.