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Matching your jewellery

Today, when the variety of jewellery is soooo wide, it is sometimes difficult to decide on how to look good. Here are a few advises.

When wearing a more luxurious jewellery choose clothes that are subtle. A fancy necklace will look better next to the simple neckline. Bright, elfin ornaments will be a good match for suits and trousers. Subtle ladies jewellery suits with convivial and elegant dresses. Bright jewellery is perfect for bright, brave women, while the elegant ones for elegant women. When choosing a jewellery, pay attention to the color or to the combination of colors and consider the color of clothes.

A short conformed to the body necklace will turn the attention to ladies neck, a sparkling dangle earrings will turn the attention to the face. Bracelets and rings will accentuate the beauty of ladies hands and fingers. Instead of wearing jewellery that correspond your face shape you should choose jewellery that is opposite to it. If your face shape is round, you should choose a longer necklace. If your face shape is square, you should wear round jewellery, e.g. of the arch form.

If one of your ornaments is highlighted more, it is better to leave the other ones unnoticed. Impressive necklace will look better if you will not wear earrings, unless they are small stud earrings that match your necklace. Likewise, long dangling earrings look better when there is no necklace or chain on the neck.

It can be noticed, that jewellery reflects the individuality of a women.

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