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Power of talisman

Thousands of years ago people have noticed, that some particular things are useful not only in everyday life, but also help to reach for the higher personal objectives, for example, to protect oneself from the bad-eye. Sceptics, however, could tell that there is nothing special in these particular things. The key is the believing in the power of the thing. If person feel more self-confident when keeping a conker in the hand while taking an exam, isn‘t it magic?

Precious and semi-precious stones are often used as amulets, talismans and charms. Each of gemstones has some particular characteristic and powers. Here is some information on few of the magical stones.

Amber chases away the evil powers and protects from rheumatism. Read more about amber.

Aquamarine attracts love, give hope and protect travellers.

Diamond repel the bad people, ensures the loyalty of the loved one.

Emerald strengthens memory and protect from the evil spirits.

Lapis lazuli protects from black magic and chase away melancholy and insomnia.

Onyx cherishes marriage and protects it from the influence of the strangers.

Pearl improves the condition of skin, heals feverish people, give peace. Read more about pearl.

Sapphire brings love, peace and protects eyes.

Turquoise brings unity into the family.

If you are sceptic about the power of gemstone, and can’t imagine yourself carrying or wearing a huge gemstone amulet in your pocket or on your neck, then consider the possibility of getting a nice subtle looking piece of jewellery, which would become your lucky charm. You must have heard about the oldest gemstone – amber. So Maybe it will be an amber pendant? Or maybe amber earrings? What about amber bracelet? Having in mind, that jewellery is usualy worn when going out, maybe amethyst jewellery would be a good choice, since amethyst protect it wearer from the intoxicating effects of wine 🙂 Accoding to the mythology, one would not get drunk when drinking from a cup made of amethyst 🙂  (nowadays, the question is, where to find such cup?)

The fact is that none of the above mention gemstones, nor the ones that are missed in this list, will protect a person if he is a non-believer. The strength and the power of mind acting collectively with the power of the gemstone can do miracles.


Winter Jewellery 2012

We are wearing jewellery in summer and in spring very often, however with the onset of cold winter we change our clothes into something warm and cosy and therefore we have to put some of our jewellery in the box. For those who want to look good and stylish all year round, here are a few tips on how to choose winter jewellery.

First of all, you should look at different beads, necklaces and pendants made of gold and silver. Golden necklaces and silver pendants are always on trend. Moreover, these ornaments can be worn in winter even more than in summer. It can be a thin gold chain with pendant, and a more massive ornaments, beads of different textures, multi-layer necklaces. All this can be worn because winter clothing in itself are more voluminous and decorations must be much larger and more visible than in summer.

The same trend continues in respect of bracelets. These pieces of jewellery need to be expressive and quite bulky. The only difference from the old type of jewellery will be more soothing colors, more precious metals, less levity in combination bracelets of different textures.

As in winter we have to wear gloves and mittens, which do not allow us to wear rings with large inserts for cold time of year, we have to choose different rings from those we wear in summer. Relevant choice in winter would be gold rings  and silver rings with more classical design, with smooth elements, not protruding beyond the ring, with inserts in the low settings.

Despite the fact that earrings are still in vogue, they are less relevant in the winter than in summer. Therefore, in everyday life give preference to the less voluminous earrings. Here you will be able to express their individuality in the choice of the original form of earrings or a few spots of precious stones.

In principle, during the winter evening events and parties you will be able to wear exactly the same jewellery as you wear in summer, since the dress code allows you to wear light dresses open. But for every day – take advantage of our advices, buy jewellery from and you will be irresistible in all seasons.

Year of the Dragon – jewellery for 2012

New Year means the new winds in the world of accessory and jewellery. What‘s new? What’s good? What‘s beautiful and unseen?

2012 – The year of the Black Water Dragon

Dragon love luxury, therefore, expensive jewellery is necessary at least at the beginning of the New Year. In order to attract luck you should wear jewellery with symbols of dragon, snake or lizard.

Noticeable and bold belts

Belt is an especially stylish accessory. Leather belts with massive bold clasps will look ideal for 2012. Belts bind with bolts or with leather inserts are also on trend this year.

Massive bracelets

The more bracelets you will have on 2012, the more stylish you will be. Choose bracelets of varied textures. Wear bracelet on your wrist as well as beside your elbow. Don‘t be afraid to look vivid, be visible, try experiment and delight the world.

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