Year of the Dragon – jewellery for 2012

New Year means the new winds in the world of accessory and jewellery. What‘s new? What’s good? What‘s beautiful and unseen?

2012 – The year of the Black Water Dragon

Dragon love luxury, therefore, expensive jewellery is necessary at least at the beginning of the New Year. In order to attract luck you should wear jewellery with symbols of dragon, snake or lizard.

Noticeable and bold belts

Belt is an especially stylish accessory. Leather belts with massive bold clasps will look ideal for 2012. Belts bind with bolts or with leather inserts are also on trend this year.

Massive bracelets

The more bracelets you will have on 2012, the more stylish you will be. Choose bracelets of varied textures. Wear bracelet on your wrist as well as beside your elbow. Don‘t be afraid to look vivid, be visible, try experiment and delight the world.

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