Power of talisman

Thousands of years ago people have noticed, that some particular things are useful not only in everyday life, but also help to reach for the higher personal objectives, for example, to protect oneself from the bad-eye. Sceptics, however, could tell that there is nothing special in these particular things. The key is the believing in the power of the thing. If person feel more self-confident when keeping a conker in the hand while taking an exam, isn‘t it magic?

Precious and semi-precious stones are often used as amulets, talismans and charms. Each of gemstones has some particular characteristic and powers. Here is some information on few of the magical stones.

Amber chases away the evil powers and protects from rheumatism. Read more about amber.

Aquamarine attracts love, give hope and protect travellers.

Diamond repel the bad people, ensures the loyalty of the loved one.

Emerald strengthens memory and protect from the evil spirits.

Lapis lazuli protects from black magic and chase away melancholy and insomnia.

Onyx cherishes marriage and protects it from the influence of the strangers.

Pearl improves the condition of skin, heals feverish people, give peace. Read more about pearl.

Sapphire brings love, peace and protects eyes.

Turquoise brings unity into the family.

If you are sceptic about the power of gemstone, and can’t imagine yourself carrying or wearing a huge gemstone amulet in your pocket or on your neck, then consider the possibility of getting a nice subtle looking piece of jewellery, which would become your lucky charm. You must have heard about the oldest gemstone – amber. So Maybe it will be an amber pendant? Or maybe amber earrings? What about amber bracelet? Having in mind, that jewellery is usualy worn when going out, maybe amethyst jewellery would be a good choice, since amethyst protect it wearer from the intoxicating effects of wine 🙂 Accoding to the mythology, one would not get drunk when drinking from a cup made of amethyst 🙂  (nowadays, the question is, where to find such cup?)

The fact is that none of the above mention gemstones, nor the ones that are missed in this list, will protect a person if he is a non-believer. The strength and the power of mind acting collectively with the power of the gemstone can do miracles.


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