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Fashion Discovery: Seppala

Have you ever heard about Finnish clothing and accessories brand Seppälä? Seppälä has more than 130 stores in Finland. It also has a network of 230 stores in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine.

I have discovered this brand recently during my recent trip to Helsinki. And although I have heard about this brand before, I only knew that it is selling not only clothes but also shoes, accessories, lingerie, swimsuits for men, women, teenagers and kids. Doesn’t this sound great? So I have visited one of Seppälä shops during my lunch break and I was surprised by the variety of colours, textures and designs I’ve seen there.

I was really amazed by the assortment, and I left the shop carrying a skirt, jacket, sweater and a jacket in my shopping bag 🙂 the best part is that I’ve got a Seppälä’s member club card and since I’ve spend some money, I have got a few % back to my card and I will be able to use it during my next visit. Not bad, huh? 🙂

To introduce you with the assortment I have composed a few outfit ideas for you. Let me know your thoughts about it 🙂

Going out


Men Men Men

Something for kids

Have you heard about this brand before? Do you own any items from Seppälä? Share your experience in the comments 🙂


Pinterest beach party

Hi all,

Moors mummy offered another topic for a pinterest party, and this week it is the BEACH.

Wow, this reminds me of holidays. Also reminds me to apply for a summer vacation from work 🙂

This time I decided to pin a video, not a picture. This is livebroadcast from one of the Baltic Sea beaches in Lithuania.

It seems that the weather out there is really nice. And what else I looove about this picture and the broadcast is that you can actually see the roundness of the world! Isn’t that wonderful? 🙂
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Paisley patterns back on stage

Paisley pattern is more than 200 years old however it still has its freshness and is one of the most influential patterns in the fashion world. This summer it returns to the stage after the break of almost a decade and it promises to stay here for a little longer this time.

Paisley pattern is tapering ornamental flower motive of a drop-shape. It is thought that the origin of such floral motive of some kind of an Indian fig or mango fruit. It is supposed that the country of origin of this pattern is Ancient Persia, where it was used to decorate clothes even in the Middle Ages. It is believed that the patterns have reached India with the help of Mongols.

It is claimed in some sources that the examples of paisley patterns are even found in the heritage of Babylon, where it was a symbol of the vegetation cycle of the date. The meaning of this symbol in the Asian art was changeable.

Such generalized floral motives were used to embroider even cashmere wraps. In 1900 these wraps were brought by the Brit Imperia‘s soldiers from India to Scotland and soon found its lovers, among whom there was even Queen Victoria. Shortly after this, the Paisley town was established near Glasgow, which became the main ambassador of the textiles decorated with such pattern.

This year runways are full of paisley patterns. It was unexpected for some fashion lovers that this pattern again become designer‘s favourite. It was seen in the collections of Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Jil Sander, Matthew Williamson, JW Anderson, Emilio Pucci, Haider Ackermann and Paul Smith.

The key to the success of this pattern might be its dynamics: it softens the clothes of man and adds oneness to the women‘s clothing. For decorations separate elements of the pattern can be used. This pattern is very flexible, therefore it is possible to vary with the colours, backgrounds and textures. Each of the paisley-decorated clothing will look unique and original. That is probably the reason why it is difficult to combine this patter with other clothing. On the other hand, once you fell in love with this patter, you will save some place in your wardrobe for all of your life.

Paisley clothing can be of a various textures, colours and designs

Paisley pattern is used not only by clothing designers, but also by a watch creators. A few watch models with Paisley pattern was introduced by The watch company Guess

Paisley pattern is commonly used in jewellry designs

The versatility of paisley patterns are perfectly revelaed when used in home decor

Paisley patter is also very popular in body art, nail art and tatoo world

P-Party – Country life

So this week Pinterest Party at is all about Country life.

Here is what I see when I close my eys ad dream about countryside..

For me country life is a life far far away from the city, where in summer there is more green that you could ever embrace. Lovely

Have a nice week and plan a trip to the countryside next weekend!


I am participating in Pinterest Party

I have accidentally found this nice blog and they organize Pinterest Parties! Yay!

Pinterest, for those who hear about it for the first time, is a social platform for people to share photos. Visit Pinterest at

So I decide to participate in this Pinterest Party the idea of which is to find one pin that relates to the particular topic. And this week its FLOWERS.

So here is my pin of flower 🙂

It is a beautiful ring that consists of 13 stones of tanzanite set in sterling silver. The image was originally posted by GembidUK,who sells this tanzanite ring at their online jewellery shop.

Participate at this Pinterest Party and search for beautifull flowers!

Jewellery trends of Spring/Summer 2012

In the coming season jewellery will be reminiscent of royalty. Be prepared to discover the maximum diversity of forms and materials from plastic to precious metals. Key to amazing look will be the large size of jewellery.
Pearl jewellery has reigned the catwalks for a long time. This summer, pearls can be worn not only on the neck, but also as rims and the pins on the hair. Wearing pearl necklaces and earrings together with business suits and dresses is a retro romantic style. Wouldn’t the flowing hair decorated with an elegant shell in the style of the ‘50’s matched with the elongated earrings be a great tandem? Just as seen in the collections of MIU MIU, David Morris and Monblans.
The latest earring trend is elongated and elegant earrings, consisting of several parts.

Head to jewellery zoo – wear not only flora but also fauna. Snakes, spiders, giraffes, cats, mice, turtles, frogs, dragons … Every fashionista is committed to have a pet in her jewellery box. Flower theme from dress flowed smoothly into jewellery. Butterflies are not an exception.
We will always be beckoned by the shape of the heart. Every woman wants to have a magical heart shape pendant or a brooch.

Year of the Dragon has its influence on fashion world. Reptile prints are now seen not only on clothes and bags but also in jewellery. Choose perforated interesting accessories that resemble lace or embroidery.

Large massive rings will flow with the trend. If you are the owner of such a ring – be sure that you will not remain without attention. Don’t have such ring yet? Visit online jewellery shop or any jewellery shop at the High Street and get at least one!

Remember seahorse-like regal earrings by Yves Saint Laurent? This trend can now be seen in jewellery and clothes fashion.

Perhaps this is the most current trends that deserve our attention. Feel safe by putting on more than one threads of pearls, try two, three or even four! Your mirror will tell how harmonious you look wearing that!