Jewellery trends of Spring/Summer 2012

In the coming season jewellery will be reminiscent of royalty. Be prepared to discover the maximum diversity of forms and materials from plastic to precious metals. Key to amazing look will be the large size of jewellery.
Pearl jewellery has reigned the catwalks for a long time. This summer, pearls can be worn not only on the neck, but also as rims and the pins on the hair. Wearing pearl necklaces and earrings together with business suits and dresses is a retro romantic style. Wouldn’t the flowing hair decorated with an elegant shell in the style of the ‘50’s matched with the elongated earrings be a great tandem? Just as seen in the collections of MIU MIU, David Morris and Monblans.
The latest earring trend is elongated and elegant earrings, consisting of several parts.

Head to jewellery zoo – wear not only flora but also fauna. Snakes, spiders, giraffes, cats, mice, turtles, frogs, dragons … Every fashionista is committed to have a pet in her jewellery box. Flower theme from dress flowed smoothly into jewellery. Butterflies are not an exception.
We will always be beckoned by the shape of the heart. Every woman wants to have a magical heart shape pendant or a brooch.

Year of the Dragon has its influence on fashion world. Reptile prints are now seen not only on clothes and bags but also in jewellery. Choose perforated interesting accessories that resemble lace or embroidery.

Large massive rings will flow with the trend. If you are the owner of such a ring – be sure that you will not remain without attention. Don’t have such ring yet? Visit online jewellery shop or any jewellery shop at the High Street and get at least one!

Remember seahorse-like regal earrings by Yves Saint Laurent? This trend can now be seen in jewellery and clothes fashion.

Perhaps this is the most current trends that deserve our attention. Feel safe by putting on more than one threads of pearls, try two, three or even four! Your mirror will tell how harmonious you look wearing that!



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