Paisley patterns back on stage

Paisley pattern is more than 200 years old however it still has its freshness and is one of the most influential patterns in the fashion world. This summer it returns to the stage after the break of almost a decade and it promises to stay here for a little longer this time.

Paisley pattern is tapering ornamental flower motive of a drop-shape. It is thought that the origin of such floral motive of some kind of an Indian fig or mango fruit. It is supposed that the country of origin of this pattern is Ancient Persia, where it was used to decorate clothes even in the Middle Ages. It is believed that the patterns have reached India with the help of Mongols.

It is claimed in some sources that the examples of paisley patterns are even found in the heritage of Babylon, where it was a symbol of the vegetation cycle of the date. The meaning of this symbol in the Asian art was changeable.

Such generalized floral motives were used to embroider even cashmere wraps. In 1900 these wraps were brought by the Brit Imperia‘s soldiers from India to Scotland and soon found its lovers, among whom there was even Queen Victoria. Shortly after this, the Paisley town was established near Glasgow, which became the main ambassador of the textiles decorated with such pattern.

This year runways are full of paisley patterns. It was unexpected for some fashion lovers that this pattern again become designer‘s favourite. It was seen in the collections of Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Jil Sander, Matthew Williamson, JW Anderson, Emilio Pucci, Haider Ackermann and Paul Smith.

The key to the success of this pattern might be its dynamics: it softens the clothes of man and adds oneness to the women‘s clothing. For decorations separate elements of the pattern can be used. This pattern is very flexible, therefore it is possible to vary with the colours, backgrounds and textures. Each of the paisley-decorated clothing will look unique and original. That is probably the reason why it is difficult to combine this patter with other clothing. On the other hand, once you fell in love with this patter, you will save some place in your wardrobe for all of your life.

Paisley clothing can be of a various textures, colours and designs

Paisley pattern is used not only by clothing designers, but also by a watch creators. A few watch models with Paisley pattern was introduced by The watch company Guess

Paisley pattern is commonly used in jewellry designs

The versatility of paisley patterns are perfectly revelaed when used in home decor

Paisley patter is also very popular in body art, nail art and tatoo world


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