Gemstones: Ruby

Rubies are one of the most precious gemstones in the world. It is a second strongest mineral according to the Moh‘s scale after diamond. Chemically ruby gemstone is aluminium oxide having particles of chromium, which is why the colour of ruby is red. Ruby is found in either large pieces or small particles all around the world. Today, the best, brightest, most beautiful and most expensive rubies come from its homeland Myanmar (Burma). The ruby of Myanmar is unique because of its “pigeon blood” colour which ranges from ripe raspberry to blood red. The ruby gemstone is found in Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, US. Ruby gemstone together with diamonds is mostly used in jewellery making. Rough, uncut ruby is relatively easy to get and not too expensive. It is used in crystal-healing.

Meaning of the name and place in history

Ruby gemstone got its name because of its red colour. The gemstone was named by the Greek philosopher Teophrast. In Italy huge bright red transparent ruby gemstones were called carbuncles, while in antiquity it was called anthrax, meaning flaming coal.
Ruby is a symbol of wealth and in Sanskrit “Manikija” means ‘the tsar of colours”. Another name of ruby that is also derived from Sanskrit – “Ratnanaijana” – has a meaning of “the lord of jewels”.

Ruby was recognized as belonging to the corundum species only in 1800. Before this happened, red spinel and red garnet were both also designated as ruby.
The colour of the ruby gemstones is provided by the substance chromium or iron (in case of brownish tones).

Rubies of the enormous size and beauty were also kept in the treasure-houses of Iranian sheikhs. The crown of Jekaterine II was decorated with a pigeon egg size ruby which was given to her as a gift from the king of Sweden Gustav II during his visit to Saint Petersburg in 1777.
Ruby was long known as a gemstone of queens and kings, therefore it was used t decorate the crowns and diadems. Rubies are the gemstones that are mentioned in the Bible and Old Testament most often. According to the Old Testament, God has put ruby, the king of gemstones, on the neck of Aaron.

Real or fake

Biggest rubies yet discovered are Rajaratna ruby which is 2475 ct. and Neelanjali ruby – 1370 ct.
The small inner defects can be removed during heating.
Huge and transparent rubies are as rare as diamonds. However, fancy diamonds are much more expensive. Matt and semi-matt rubies are less valued. Artificial rubies are used in the manufacture of lasers.
Sometimes there are a particles of rutile (titanium oxide) found in rubies, which catches the light and creates hexagonal star. This phenomenon is called ruby stars. Rutile is one of many additions which can change the colour and clarity of the gemstone. These additions help to tell whether the gemstone is real one or fake.

Medical and magical powers of ruby

Since the ancient times ruby was known as a stone having magical properties. The ruby stone is a symbol of the passionate and deep love, wealth and power. This gemstone was used to stop the bleeding, to recreate the memory, to improve concentration, to inject the sparkle, happiness and courage. It is believed that ruby protects from negative energy, physical attacks, anger, envy, and strengthens the person during the quarrels. Ruby gemstone will give its carrier dignity, tenderness, doesn‘t let to be sad or depressed.

In today’s crystalotherapy ruby is recommended as a treat against the blood viral diseases, especially flue, anaemia, paralysis. It strengthens immunity, heart, removes toxines from the organism and raises the blood pressure. Ruby elixir gives blush to the cheeks, eliminates the signs of tiredness from the face.

It is believed that the ruby stone will attract luck and success in love. Men used to give a ring with a flame-red ruby gemstone in order to achieve a mutual love. It was believed that ruby protects its owner from lightning and floods, from intruders, from accidents during horse-riding (the curbs of the horse were decorated with ruby and turquoise gemstones). People, who were afraid that they can be poisoned, believed that submerged in a glass of poisoned drink ruby changes its colour. The magic properties of the ruby stone promised achievements, love and happiness.

Ruby in dreams

To see ruby gemstone in a dream means that the luck will accompany you in work and in love.
If you dream that you get a ruby ring as a gift – the passion will change your life, and even will cause envy to some people around you. This dream could also mean an improved relationship between the family members.
To give ruby as a gift – a warning, indicating that you shouldn’t harm yourself during the split.
To lose jewellery with ruby – you will have to hide your feelings and opinion.
The ruby with a crack – an undeserved insult that will encourage distrust and disbelief.
To swallow the ruby – a wrong way to become famous will make you lose your friends.


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  1. Jodi Eull

    Gem stones are great for jewelries, i personally love JADE and Emerald. they are actually luxurious and very elegant


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