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Best neckline for your body and face shape

Everyone knows that deep décolletage adds a flavour of the sexiness and catches the eye. Other types of necklines also have its’ advantages. Refresh your wardrobe and do not forget about this detail. Especially, if the nature hasn’t given you a perfect face or body shape.

If you feel that you don’t have a clue on what neckline would emphasize your elegant body shape? Instead of tried one shirt after another you should first of all evaluate your height, weight and body proportions. Then, concentrate your attention to your shoulder line.

Shoulder width equals hip width

Rather strict shoulder line can be softened wearing upper clothing with a V-shape neckline which will visually elongate the neck. Not deep round or ship shape neckline also suits. The only shape that should be avoided is deep oval neckline.

Note: When choosing jewellery, prefer strict geometrical shapes and forms.

Round sloping shoulders

The line of the shoulders will get straighter line if you choose clothing with oval or round neckline if any size. Such clothing will put the emphasis on the elegant neck) Square neckline will make your shoulders look wider and its line will become more strict. Do not choose clothing with the V-shape neckline – it’s not for you.

Note: When creating your look, a small pendant in between the breasts, a few chains or a silk scarf close to the neck will make a good visual effect.

Narrow shoulders

You will make your narrow shoulders more wide wearing a blouse or dress with a square neckline. Deep wide rectangular shape neckline also suits. Small V-neckline, especially matched with puffed sleeves will also look good on you.

Note: Women having a fuller body shouldn’t avoid bid jewellery on neck, such as pendants or collars, also brooches, wide and fluffy shawls. Such accessories direct the look from the burly lower part of the body.

Wide shoulders

If you want to narrow your shoulders optically, choose upper body clothing with a V-neck, also with a deep oval décolletage. If your neck is nice, clothing with a low adherent collar will suit you. Avoid wearing clothing with a boat neckline.

Note: Long massive necklace will pay the attention off your wide shoulders.

It also depends on your face shape

According to some stylists, the neckline of the clothing matters only if the nature hasn’t given you a nice oval face-shape. Neckline visually corrects face proportions. Therefore, you don’t need to waste your time doing the corrective make-up.

If your face shape is rectangular, and also quite narrow, you should prefer clothing with wider not-too-deep necklines. You will look beautiful wearing a blouse and a jacket with a small oval neck, like a jewel one.

Triangle face will look more proportional if you will choose a boat shape neckline or an oval neckline of any depth.

If you face is oval, choose clothing with V-neck of any size. A perfect choice for an evening wear – a dress or a blouse with a narrow décolletage like surplice.

Square face shape will look softer, if you will wear a blouse with oval or V-neck décolletage.

Need to know

  • Wide V-neck decolletage harmonizes the silhouette, therefore it suits those having a narrow shoulders and wide hips (in this case do not forget to wear a bra lifting up the breasts).
  • Blouses, shirts or dresses with a narrow, not-deep V-neck is a good choice if you have plump breasts and want to pay the attention off them.
  • Deeper V-neck elongates the neck visually, while the oval neck perfectly masks too small chest.
  • Woman whose neck is short and thick, shouldn‘t wear clothes with round or boat shape necklines.
  • Draped neckline suits on those having narrow shoulders, short neck and pears shape figure. Deep draped neckline visually lifts the breasts.
  • High collar doesn‘t suit everyone. Clothes with such collar suits best to those whose shoulders are narrow, neck is long and thin and fas shape is long. High-collar clothes should be avoided by those having a thick fae and wide shoulders.

Love dresses with deep decolletage?

Take a close look at your skin. Use special skincare products regularly (cream, serum, etc). If you are wearing a blouse or a dress with a deep décolletage, don‘t forget to powder the visible portion of the body with a glowing powder.


How not to get lost in the fashion jungle

The terminology of fashion is a secret language, which is often understandable only to fashion experts and serious fashionista’s. It is easy to lose yourself in today’s fashion world without knowing some basic fashion-related terms.

Haute couture

The term haute couture is used very often when talking about fashion. This word is used to describe custom-fitted clothes made from luxury fabrics beautifully decorated and having an exceptional design. However, this is true only partially. In France, the term haute couture is protected by law and can be used in advertising only by the members of the Chambre syndicale de la haute couture. The list of the members is updated every year.  There are fourteen brand names included in the list which was officially published in 2011; among the other famous names there are Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani, Elie Saab, Valentino and others. It is difficult to earn the name of the high fashion designer and high standards are applied to the applicants. Fashion house must have an atelier in Paris. At least 15 professional pattern-makers and tailors should work in the atelier.  The clothing should be cut, sewed and decorated by hands. Each season the fashion house must present two collections for spring/summer and autumn/winter. Each collection should include at least 35 models for daytime and evening wear.

High fashion is live for already 150 years. Its father is Charles Frederick Worth who was designer creating exceptionally luxurious clothing. He is also referred to as the king of crinoline.


Practical fashion, which is usually referred to as pret-a-porter or ready-to-wear. This definition is related to the commercial manufacture of clothing and accessories. Unlike the haute couture, pret-a-porter clothing is made in thousands of units, can be sewed easy and quick, and correspond to the common fashion trends, standard figure sizes and the taste of mass consumer. The collections of pre-a-porter are presented twice a year in the fashion weeks in Paris, New York, Milan and London.

Fashion weeks

It is probably the most important event in the fashion industry. It attracts famous fashion designers, fashion critics, journalists, clothing manufacturers and celebrities interested in fashion. Fashion weeks takes place twice a year in the metropolitans referred to as fashion capitals – Paris, Milan, London and New York. Fashion week is a perfect chance for fashion houses, designers and brands to introduce their new collections to influencers of the fashion business. Spring/Summer fashion weeks takes place in September and October, while Autumn/Winter collections are presented in February and March. The main trends of the warm and cold seasons of the year are presented during these fashion weeks. The guidelines drawn during fashion weeks are later followed by clothing manufacturers and fashion magazines. Fashion weeks are also organized in other cities of the world, for example in Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin and Delhi.

Pre-fall collections

In order for fashion addicts not to get bored waiting for fashion weeks, during the time between the season collections designers introduces pre-fall collections. These collections appear in December and January. It is kind-of a prelude into the Autumn/Winter season, which sheds some light on the directions and trends chosen by the designers when creating main collections. Along with the newest clothing designs goes newest jewellery designs which also draws the guidelines and trends for those interested in jewellery pieces, such as pendants, rings, earrings, necklaces and other jewellery.

Resort or cruise collections are usually introduced in July and reveal what kind of clothing designers recommends for the next summer. Pre-fall collections are usually much more modest that the main collections and are more suitable for an everyday wear.

Vintage or retro?

These two terms are often used wrongly when talking about old-style clothing and old clothing. It should be noticed that only clothing and accessories made in 1920-1980 can be attributed to the category of vintage clothing. Vintage clothing can be either new clothing or used old clothes. It is wrong to say that the clothes are vintages if they are only a few years old or clothes that simply look old. Such clothes can only be called vintage-style clothing. You will definitely not find vintage clothing in the common shop. Real vintage clothing can be found in the second-hand shops, flea-markets or specialized shops of vintage clothing.

The term Retro refers to the newly made clothing imitating the style of the previous epochs. It can be, for example, a retro style hat or shoes. Repro is a term which is used rarely as an abbreviation of the term reproduction. Repro is the exact copy of the clothing or accessory which was made in the past.

A new strain of unisex

The word unisex is used to describe clothing, accessories, haircuts or perfumes that suits both women and man. The term appeared on the fashion dictionary in 1970’s when the designer Pierre Cardin introduced a collection of universal clothing suiting for both sexes. Back in the days it evoked a scandal. However, a decade later unisex style has become a part of the fashion.

Lately the boundary between what is feminine and masculine have erased at all. Men are borrowing the ideas from a women wardrobe while women are happy wearing men’s clothing. In 2009 a new strain of unisex style has arose – its tomboy style. The popularity of this style has increased even more because of the tomboyish models. Instead of trying to look more feminine, they are wearing clothes which seem to be stolen from their boyfriend’s wardrobe.

Fashion victims and fashion icons

People are constantly searching for idols, who they could replicate. A hundred of years ago when there were no movies, television and the glamour of the magazines, ladies tried to look like a high society woman, actresses or ballet-dancers. After the cinema and later television has gained its popularity, ladies started to copy the looks of famous actresses, singers, politicians and athletes. However, the fashion icons are only those who had an influence not only to individual admirers, but to the whole fashion industry. Actress Audrey Hepburn and the first lady of the USA, Jacqueline Kennedy, are both real fashion icons.

Often a young, stylish, popular, wealthy party lions having a good taste, wearing branded clothes and sitting in the first rows of each fashion presentations are also often referred to as fashion icons. However, such ladies are also often called the “it girls”. There are also fashionistas, who are blindly following the fashion trends.

Mens fashion trends Autumn 2012

It‘s not a secret that you can predict what will be seen on women prêt-à-porter podium after a sneak into Men‘s fashion weeks. The ideas, themes, textures and sometimes even colours repeats themselves, however it is rarely possible to draw the exact parallels. However, this is not true this season. It can be said jokingly that she will want what he is wearing and on the contrary. Let‘s say, that the trend of black, which reminds of the “Matrix”, not only will decorate the wardrobes of the elegant ladies but it will also allow their men to feel like heroes. Gentle silk velvet as well as accents of fur is not an exception, because it will seduce representatives of both sexes. Maybe the jokes of men fashion creators and childish decorations on serious men clothing, bringing them back to the childhood, drops out of the context. However, it is to some purpose that strict trouser suits are taken over by women, who let their men to rediscover a pleasure of playing and experimentation with fashion, which is extremely favourable this season for those in search of novelties.

mens fashion 2012 autumn

One of the very first trends noticed on the catwalks of Milan and France – unexpectedly high waist of men trousers, interesting proportions and style of trousers. Without any doubt this had an impact of Retro. It’s all about the return of the ideas from the 80’s, when men were eager to match splay high waist trousers with stylish unbuttoned shirt and wear a corduroy jacket of interesting warm shades this way replicating the look of the “Miami Vice” characters. Nonetheless, the high waist trousers this year will be loved by minimalists, or by men fond of abstract fashion, in love with the collection of “Lanvin” fashion house. These trousers will be matched with white shirts, straight-cut jackets and buttoned sweaters.

One of the most cheerful topics of the forthcoming season should catch your attention – these are childish accents which are given by the designers even to strict-cut shirts and suits. While the designs of men’s clothing fashion are becoming more free, the men’s fashion designers plays bravely with the decoration of textures, the selection of interesting themes and even amazes and puts a smile on our faces when we ar watching at the clothing which is ready-to-wear. For example, the fox appears on the men’s shirt from “Burberry Prorsum” collection, and the birds land on the coats and suits of “Dior Homme”. Even Tomas Maier from “Bottega Veneta” decided to play with Italian suits and decorated them with huge dots. Meanwhile, Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons dressed men with a boyish short-suit. However, the biggest surprise was presented by the fashion house “Jil Sander”. The serious and aggressive collection of men’s clothing appeared to be childish after the models turned their backs on the catwalks – the backs of the leather coats were decorated with a playful embroidered whales and other creatures.

There is another trend that jazz up the mood – it’s plenty of colours and patterns which bloomed in men‘s fashion. This time not only the tiny accessories, jackets or shirts were decorated with eye-catching colours, abstract ornaments or repeated various nature motives but also the whole suits. And although such suits are not recommended to the lovers of formal fashion, the representatives of creative specialities should easily fall in love with these, because bold colours always leaves an impression and, if necessary, such suit can be divided into parts or even matched with figured black and white suits. Of course, the colours of the accessory and footwear worn with such clothing should be of a much softer.

If you have an opportunity – do not be lazy and ransack the wardrobes of your parents and grandparents and search for one of the most important accents of autumn and winter – old-school military coat. An elegant silhouette of such coat or nice furry collar today can be matched not only with the classic trousers and sea-boots but also with the jeans and footwear decorated with metal. These fine style coats with two rows of buttons or coats tightened around the waist that appeared in the collections of almost  all famous designers (not to talk about the fact that there are in the centre of „Prada“ collection“) can surprise with its colourful accents and the matches of classic neutral colours. These pieces of art will definitely be loved by your future grandchildren, because fashion repeats itself…

It was mentioned lately that men’s fashion is getting braver and is stepping outside its shell offering newer and more interesting designs. However, it doesn’t forget to treat its lovers with interesting colours. One of such colours is dominating woman’s collections – the colour of red wine. This colour will add a subtle taste of careless elegance and luxury – we wouldn’t be wrong saying that this colour if perfect for velvet jackets, leisure shoes, shirts and even leather handbags. More conservative offer would be very dark blue colour, which would look like black in the dim light. Cheating the audience this way, designers attempted to make an illusion that the whole combination of outfit would be made only from this colour with only small exception to gloves and accessories. Such dark blue is a great choice for men who are bored with black suits. However, the common dark blue colour doesn‘t seem appropriate for the cold season of the year. Another trend is brown shades in outdoors clothing. It is interesting, that this season designers were willing to reject traditional black or grey jackets and coats and instead have chosen cosier and warmer-looking light brown hues such as “cafe-au-lait”, sand, camel wool or milky chocolate.

It can be stated that the endeavours of fashion creators to “domesticate” the new textures to a men‘s fashion has got most attention of fashion experts. It was not until today when the velvet, which used to be treated as a symbol of luxury and special occasions, has moved to the section of everyday clothing. Various designers coloured it with different shades, sewed jackets, half-length coats and everyday accessories. Of course, the evening suits wasn‘t left aside. “Gucci” and “Dolce & Gabbana” embroidered these suits with love using golden threads and treated it elaborately so that the “black tie” dress code jackets could make a man an evening centre of attention. The fur wasn‘t left aside – although this time it wasn‘t used so often, but it was more impressive and luxurious. Although accents of fur were noticeable in some collections, the designer Veronique Nichanian from “Hermes” has offered an exceptional astrakhan coat. However, one of the biggest trends this year is black leather, which reminds us of “Matrix“. It seems that it was used for everything. Men on the catwalks of „Yves Saint Laurent“, „Jil Sander“ used to wear full leather suits with matching coats and footwear. Black leather became the main accent and the symbol of power on the catwalks of other fashion houses

Jewellery trends around the world

You love modest classic pieces of jewellery such as pearl pendants or tiny golden studs, while your best friend loves to decorate her hair with roses an wear other bright jewellery such as hoop earrings and multi-layered necklaces. Of course, there is no accounting for tastes. The jewellery trends and habits of wearing jewellery vary depending on the country.

French ladies bows towards the light style: they choose glittering jewellery and vary their jewellery from day to day.

Image: one of the most popular fashion bloggers in France The Cherry Blossom Girl and her look “Mermaid”

Italian women love a little bit more massive jewellery. Big rings, thick necklaces with sophisticated pendants as well as jewellery made of large stones are only few from the list of their favourites.

Image: popular fashion blogger in Italy Chiara Ferragni and her look on 4 August, 2012

British women love jewellery made of gold and silver as well as unique hand-made jewellery. The variety of designs from tiny earrings to chunky bracelets and necklaces can be seen complementing the look of a beautiful British lady.

Image: Brittish blogger Paula aka PinkBow

German‘s are crazy about white gold with diamonds. According to the representatives of this country – it is inappropriate to wear jewellery made of yellow gold.

Image: German blog about fahion LesMads.

Scandinavian‘s loves extremeness. They usually choose either modern, minimalistic jewellery or ethnic jewellery, sometimes decorated with nature motives.

Image: Best Finnish fashion blog Helmi Otsalla.

Ladies in the United States adore brand jewellery. They especially love their native designers. Even a diamond can have a name in the USA. The best jewellery is of course the one packed in a blue box 🙂 And yes, I am talking about “Tiffany & Co”!

Image: One of the most popular USA fashion blogs PrettyShinySparkly

What about Russia? A huge part of Russia is covered with snow. Is that why Russian ladies couldn’t live a day without warm yellow gold jewellery and lots of sparkles?

Image: Russian fashion blogger Juliet Polilova

It doesn’t really matter where the lady is from, the taste for jewellery depends on the personality, and country border’s doesn’t really matter in this case. Each piece of jewellery is unique in its own way and each will find its wearer – no matter where in the world she lives 🙂