Jewellery trends around the world

You love modest classic pieces of jewellery such as pearl pendants or tiny golden studs, while your best friend loves to decorate her hair with roses an wear other bright jewellery such as hoop earrings and multi-layered necklaces. Of course, there is no accounting for tastes. The jewellery trends and habits of wearing jewellery vary depending on the country.

French ladies bows towards the light style: they choose glittering jewellery and vary their jewellery from day to day.

Image: one of the most popular fashion bloggers in France The Cherry Blossom Girl and her look “Mermaid”

Italian women love a little bit more massive jewellery. Big rings, thick necklaces with sophisticated pendants as well as jewellery made of large stones are only few from the list of their favourites.

Image: popular fashion blogger in Italy Chiara Ferragni and her look on 4 August, 2012

British women love jewellery made of gold and silver as well as unique hand-made jewellery. The variety of designs from tiny earrings to chunky bracelets and necklaces can be seen complementing the look of a beautiful British lady.

Image: Brittish blogger Paula aka PinkBow

German‘s are crazy about white gold with diamonds. According to the representatives of this country – it is inappropriate to wear jewellery made of yellow gold.

Image: German blog about fahion LesMads.

Scandinavian‘s loves extremeness. They usually choose either modern, minimalistic jewellery or ethnic jewellery, sometimes decorated with nature motives.

Image: Best Finnish fashion blog Helmi Otsalla.

Ladies in the United States adore brand jewellery. They especially love their native designers. Even a diamond can have a name in the USA. The best jewellery is of course the one packed in a blue box 🙂 And yes, I am talking about “Tiffany & Co”!

Image: One of the most popular USA fashion blogs PrettyShinySparkly

What about Russia? A huge part of Russia is covered with snow. Is that why Russian ladies couldn’t live a day without warm yellow gold jewellery and lots of sparkles?

Image: Russian fashion blogger Juliet Polilova

It doesn’t really matter where the lady is from, the taste for jewellery depends on the personality, and country border’s doesn’t really matter in this case. Each piece of jewellery is unique in its own way and each will find its wearer – no matter where in the world she lives 🙂


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