Best neckline for your body and face shape

Everyone knows that deep décolletage adds a flavour of the sexiness and catches the eye. Other types of necklines also have its’ advantages. Refresh your wardrobe and do not forget about this detail. Especially, if the nature hasn’t given you a perfect face or body shape.

If you feel that you don’t have a clue on what neckline would emphasize your elegant body shape? Instead of tried one shirt after another you should first of all evaluate your height, weight and body proportions. Then, concentrate your attention to your shoulder line.

Shoulder width equals hip width

Rather strict shoulder line can be softened wearing upper clothing with a V-shape neckline which will visually elongate the neck. Not deep round or ship shape neckline also suits. The only shape that should be avoided is deep oval neckline.

Note: When choosing jewellery, prefer strict geometrical shapes and forms.

Round sloping shoulders

The line of the shoulders will get straighter line if you choose clothing with oval or round neckline if any size. Such clothing will put the emphasis on the elegant neck) Square neckline will make your shoulders look wider and its line will become more strict. Do not choose clothing with the V-shape neckline – it’s not for you.

Note: When creating your look, a small pendant in between the breasts, a few chains or a silk scarf close to the neck will make a good visual effect.

Narrow shoulders

You will make your narrow shoulders more wide wearing a blouse or dress with a square neckline. Deep wide rectangular shape neckline also suits. Small V-neckline, especially matched with puffed sleeves will also look good on you.

Note: Women having a fuller body shouldn’t avoid bid jewellery on neck, such as pendants or collars, also brooches, wide and fluffy shawls. Such accessories direct the look from the burly lower part of the body.

Wide shoulders

If you want to narrow your shoulders optically, choose upper body clothing with a V-neck, also with a deep oval décolletage. If your neck is nice, clothing with a low adherent collar will suit you. Avoid wearing clothing with a boat neckline.

Note: Long massive necklace will pay the attention off your wide shoulders.

It also depends on your face shape

According to some stylists, the neckline of the clothing matters only if the nature hasn’t given you a nice oval face-shape. Neckline visually corrects face proportions. Therefore, you don’t need to waste your time doing the corrective make-up.

If your face shape is rectangular, and also quite narrow, you should prefer clothing with wider not-too-deep necklines. You will look beautiful wearing a blouse and a jacket with a small oval neck, like a jewel one.

Triangle face will look more proportional if you will choose a boat shape neckline or an oval neckline of any depth.

If you face is oval, choose clothing with V-neck of any size. A perfect choice for an evening wear – a dress or a blouse with a narrow décolletage like surplice.

Square face shape will look softer, if you will wear a blouse with oval or V-neck décolletage.

Need to know

  • Wide V-neck decolletage harmonizes the silhouette, therefore it suits those having a narrow shoulders and wide hips (in this case do not forget to wear a bra lifting up the breasts).
  • Blouses, shirts or dresses with a narrow, not-deep V-neck is a good choice if you have plump breasts and want to pay the attention off them.
  • Deeper V-neck elongates the neck visually, while the oval neck perfectly masks too small chest.
  • Woman whose neck is short and thick, shouldn‘t wear clothes with round or boat shape necklines.
  • Draped neckline suits on those having narrow shoulders, short neck and pears shape figure. Deep draped neckline visually lifts the breasts.
  • High collar doesn‘t suit everyone. Clothes with such collar suits best to those whose shoulders are narrow, neck is long and thin and fas shape is long. High-collar clothes should be avoided by those having a thick fae and wide shoulders.

Love dresses with deep decolletage?

Take a close look at your skin. Use special skincare products regularly (cream, serum, etc). If you are wearing a blouse or a dress with a deep décolletage, don‘t forget to powder the visible portion of the body with a glowing powder.


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