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Autumn/Winter fashion trends for 2012-2013

Fashion is unpredictable. Therefore it is very difficult to tell a prognosis for the fashion trends. Designers are constantly creating unique clothes and accessories for some particular people and fashion created for the masses usually differs as day from the night. Moreover, each designer has a distinctive and stylish feeling for fashion and materials used to create it. This, of course, makes the foresight of future fashion even more complicated.

autumn winter 2012-2013

Autumn winter 2012-2013

However, some models of the future trends offered by a few designers will probably not bypass the shelves of the big clothing and accessory shopping centres and will therefore appear in our wardrobes.

Men’s clothing
A little weird, but masculine style is becoming increasingly popular in woman’s wardrobe. Men’s clothing kind of hides feminine lines and highlights the softer feminine character at the same time by emphasizing the strict lines and strength. It is predicted that the coming season girls will choose different clothing and jewellery taken from men wardrobe – overcoats, raincoats, hats, men’s suits and even the clasps and cufflinks.

Layering of clothing
Why wear one piece of clothing when five look way much better? This is so true this season. A few years ago clothing layering or the grading of a few light clothes has become extremely popular in fashion. This fall the clothing decorated with folklore, street, romantic accents will reach stores. The clothes will be tailored for layering and made possible to create a variety of styling options. Don’t stick to oneluxe fabric if you can match a few lavish layers. The result will definitely look spectacular.

Colour fur and leather
Large, puffed, colourful décor details (collars, sleeves) embellishing fur and bleached leather – on the top next season. Cheap and chick idea: sew a streak of fur to your coat (if you don’t know where to get it a piece of fur from, try visiting flea market or second hand stores). Don’t really like fur and leather clothing? Choose leather accessories, such as leather bracelets, leather rings, or classic timepieces with leather watch strap.

Waistcoats with extended shoulder line
Waistcoats are still on the fashion-peak. And, perhaps, will stay there for a few more seasons. One of the most fashionable clothing accents this autumn will be waistcoats with extended shoulder line decorated with sequins, appliques, lace and knitted details.

Skirts with emphasized hip line
Skirts of the forthcoming seasons will probably be the sole expression of femininity. The designers propose big, puffed skirts made from firm and bright fabric, with pockets. This should be found in a wardrobe of every fashion lover.

Coats with extended shoulder line
Just like waistcoats mentioned above, coats will have an extended shoulder line. Some models will also have an extended sleeves line.

Knee-length shorts are one of pieces of casual clothing for this Autumn/Winter season. Strict classic pants trouser crease and sewed combining different materials and textures. Such shorts can be worn with colourful bright tights.

Fashion designers foresees the fame and glory of overalls. Those warm, practical and neat silhouette creations will step into shops and will later find a place in our wardrobes.

Capri-type trousers
It is quite a controversial choice, especially when the weather gets cold. Thin fabric pants, that leaves the ankles bare is perhaps not quite the right option for living an active lifestyle and a lot of time to spend in the open air. However, in combination with an appropriate style of shoes and with socks this match would make a fair choice of fashion lovers.

Travel bags
Travels and heart-flattering images – that’s the target of the 2012/2013 Autumn Winter fashion. In order to live a vibrant and active life it is worth to have a large handbag that resembles a travel bag. You never know how your day full of adventures will end, do you?


Symbolism and meaning of wearing rings

Finger rings adds oneness, sophistication, and sometimes even chastity. They remind us about people we love, protect us from an evil eye and inspire confidence. According to psychologists, the special meaning lies not behind the shape of the ring or the size of the gemstone, but behind the finger on which this ring is worn. It reveals various features of our character. Why is it so? Read on to find out.

symbolism of wearing rings


If the ring is worn on the middle finger it is obvious that the wearer appreciates beauty; hand jewellery puts the accent on the pretty hands while the longest finger attracts the attention of the people around to the ring. The ring on the middle finger says a lot about love for oneself. The bigger the size of the gemstone in the ring, the more attention the wearer needs.

The wish for power is expressed wearing the ring on the index finger. If this ring is decorated with the gemstone, that means that its wearer has a strong character, is proud and has the lust for power. Worn on the index finger of the right hand the ring symbolizes exceptional insight, while the index finger of left hand symbolizes the megalomania and tendency towards hysteria.

It is not a secret that rings on this finger were worn by the greatest leaders and generals: Gaius Julius Caesar, Ivan the Terrible, Cardinal Richelieu and Henry VIII. The latter is pictured in all paintings with the rings on both hands.

If you see a person wearing a ring on the little finger, you can guess that he or she is an actor, painter or designer. Therefore, if you meet a person who doesn‘t belong to the world of art but wears the ring on his little finger you will probably soon make sure that you‘ve met and interesting and colourful personality having a distinctive and individual attitude towards life and managing to free oneself from the frames.

The ring on the thumb (especially if this hand belongs to a man :)) means the person is expecting for exceptional attention from other people. Psychologists claim that such person usually is very attentive to his sexuality. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the thumb is a symbol of male genital, and therefore tried to protect their masculine power with an iron ring on the thumb.

Everyone knows that the ring on the third finger indicates the family status of the wearer. To some purpose ancient Egyptians believed that there is a “love artery” in this finger, which can reach the heart. Egyptians used to wear rings made from various metals, glass and ceramic on this finger.

Ancient Romans used to give rings made from iron or bronze as a symbol of marriage reinforcement. Gold wedding rings gained their popularity only in III-IV ct.

The ring is universal piece of jewellery, because it is possible to use them as the decoration of the hand fingers as well as the decoration of the toes. This piece of jewellery tells that the person wants to distinguish and means undue self-estimation. Such person is always trying to be in the centre of attention and expects to receive praise, and it doesn’t matter if he is worth of this praise or not.

To conclude, a few tips for those who love to wear rings:

  • Rings with oval or elongated gemstones makes fingers appear longer than they really are.
  • Massive rings decorated with gemstones do not fit to short women having small short hand fingers.
  • Narrow and humble rings better suits young girls.
  • It is a best taste to wear a few rings on one finger.
  • Massive and extremely expensive rings should not be worn during the daytime.