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Which gemstone should you choose?

Why gemstones bring luck?

There is a huge amount of energy inside of each gemstone. Depending on the situation some gemstones can emit a better energy than the others. In the event of the change of the situation, the gemstone bringing the luck can also change. Therefore, feel free to experiment with the gemstones, follow your heart and intuition and you‘ll feel the best effects of gemstones.

Stone of luck

When it should be used?


Lucky protection. Inner balance. Choose agate jewellery.


The development of the subconscious abilities, when reaching for luck in every field of work. Choose amethyst jewellery.

Citrine, malachite

Luck in business. Choose citrine jewellery.

Tourmaline, aventurine

Luck in gambling.

Smoky quartz

Physical strength, energy and patience – suitable for athletes. Choose smoky quartz jewellery.


Searching for inner peace? If you are a writer, this gemstone is for you. Choose sodalite jewellery.

Cat eye, hematite

Luck in understanding other people. Choose cat eye jewellery.


Luck to keep your partner loyal to you

Red jasper

Not to be afraid of anything. Choose jasper jewellery.


Need of double luck in any situation. Choose agate jewellery.


Need luck in professional life. Choose garnet jewellery.


Need to get rid of stress and energy blocking. Choose amber jewellery.


Need luck to make dreams come true. Choose amethyst jewellery.

Rose quartz, hematite

Need luck in the wedding.


Need luck in earning money. Choose citrine jewellery.


Need strengthen the relationship with the partner.


Need protection, strength, energy and concentration.

Red jasper

Great for actors. Choose jasper jewellery.