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Which gemstone should you choose?

Why gemstones bring luck?

There is a huge amount of energy inside of each gemstone. Depending on the situation some gemstones can emit a better energy than the others. In the event of the change of the situation, the gemstone bringing the luck can also change. Therefore, feel free to experiment with the gemstones, follow your heart and intuition and you‘ll feel the best effects of gemstones.

Stone of luck

When it should be used?


Lucky protection. Inner balance. Choose agate jewellery.


The development of the subconscious abilities, when reaching for luck in every field of work. Choose amethyst jewellery.

Citrine, malachite

Luck in business. Choose citrine jewellery.

Tourmaline, aventurine

Luck in gambling.

Smoky quartz

Physical strength, energy and patience – suitable for athletes. Choose smoky quartz jewellery.


Searching for inner peace? If you are a writer, this gemstone is for you. Choose sodalite jewellery.

Cat eye, hematite

Luck in understanding other people. Choose cat eye jewellery.


Luck to keep your partner loyal to you

Red jasper

Not to be afraid of anything. Choose jasper jewellery.


Need of double luck in any situation. Choose agate jewellery.


Need luck in professional life. Choose garnet jewellery.


Need to get rid of stress and energy blocking. Choose amber jewellery.


Need luck to make dreams come true. Choose amethyst jewellery.

Rose quartz, hematite

Need luck in the wedding.


Need luck in earning money. Choose citrine jewellery.


Need strengthen the relationship with the partner.


Need protection, strength, energy and concentration.

Red jasper

Great for actors. Choose jasper jewellery.


Autumn/Winter fashion trends for 2012-2013

Fashion is unpredictable. Therefore it is very difficult to tell a prognosis for the fashion trends. Designers are constantly creating unique clothes and accessories for some particular people and fashion created for the masses usually differs as day from the night. Moreover, each designer has a distinctive and stylish feeling for fashion and materials used to create it. This, of course, makes the foresight of future fashion even more complicated.

autumn winter 2012-2013

Autumn winter 2012-2013

However, some models of the future trends offered by a few designers will probably not bypass the shelves of the big clothing and accessory shopping centres and will therefore appear in our wardrobes.

Men’s clothing
A little weird, but masculine style is becoming increasingly popular in woman’s wardrobe. Men’s clothing kind of hides feminine lines and highlights the softer feminine character at the same time by emphasizing the strict lines and strength. It is predicted that the coming season girls will choose different clothing and jewellery taken from men wardrobe – overcoats, raincoats, hats, men’s suits and even the clasps and cufflinks.

Layering of clothing
Why wear one piece of clothing when five look way much better? This is so true this season. A few years ago clothing layering or the grading of a few light clothes has become extremely popular in fashion. This fall the clothing decorated with folklore, street, romantic accents will reach stores. The clothes will be tailored for layering and made possible to create a variety of styling options. Don’t stick to oneluxe fabric if you can match a few lavish layers. The result will definitely look spectacular.

Colour fur and leather
Large, puffed, colourful décor details (collars, sleeves) embellishing fur and bleached leather – on the top next season. Cheap and chick idea: sew a streak of fur to your coat (if you don’t know where to get it a piece of fur from, try visiting flea market or second hand stores). Don’t really like fur and leather clothing? Choose leather accessories, such as leather bracelets, leather rings, or classic timepieces with leather watch strap.

Waistcoats with extended shoulder line
Waistcoats are still on the fashion-peak. And, perhaps, will stay there for a few more seasons. One of the most fashionable clothing accents this autumn will be waistcoats with extended shoulder line decorated with sequins, appliques, lace and knitted details.

Skirts with emphasized hip line
Skirts of the forthcoming seasons will probably be the sole expression of femininity. The designers propose big, puffed skirts made from firm and bright fabric, with pockets. This should be found in a wardrobe of every fashion lover.

Coats with extended shoulder line
Just like waistcoats mentioned above, coats will have an extended shoulder line. Some models will also have an extended sleeves line.

Knee-length shorts are one of pieces of casual clothing for this Autumn/Winter season. Strict classic pants trouser crease and sewed combining different materials and textures. Such shorts can be worn with colourful bright tights.

Fashion designers foresees the fame and glory of overalls. Those warm, practical and neat silhouette creations will step into shops and will later find a place in our wardrobes.

Capri-type trousers
It is quite a controversial choice, especially when the weather gets cold. Thin fabric pants, that leaves the ankles bare is perhaps not quite the right option for living an active lifestyle and a lot of time to spend in the open air. However, in combination with an appropriate style of shoes and with socks this match would make a fair choice of fashion lovers.

Travel bags
Travels and heart-flattering images – that’s the target of the 2012/2013 Autumn Winter fashion. In order to live a vibrant and active life it is worth to have a large handbag that resembles a travel bag. You never know how your day full of adventures will end, do you?

Symbolism and meaning of wearing rings

Finger rings adds oneness, sophistication, and sometimes even chastity. They remind us about people we love, protect us from an evil eye and inspire confidence. According to psychologists, the special meaning lies not behind the shape of the ring or the size of the gemstone, but behind the finger on which this ring is worn. It reveals various features of our character. Why is it so? Read on to find out.

symbolism of wearing rings


If the ring is worn on the middle finger it is obvious that the wearer appreciates beauty; hand jewellery puts the accent on the pretty hands while the longest finger attracts the attention of the people around to the ring. The ring on the middle finger says a lot about love for oneself. The bigger the size of the gemstone in the ring, the more attention the wearer needs.

The wish for power is expressed wearing the ring on the index finger. If this ring is decorated with the gemstone, that means that its wearer has a strong character, is proud and has the lust for power. Worn on the index finger of the right hand the ring symbolizes exceptional insight, while the index finger of left hand symbolizes the megalomania and tendency towards hysteria.

It is not a secret that rings on this finger were worn by the greatest leaders and generals: Gaius Julius Caesar, Ivan the Terrible, Cardinal Richelieu and Henry VIII. The latter is pictured in all paintings with the rings on both hands.

If you see a person wearing a ring on the little finger, you can guess that he or she is an actor, painter or designer. Therefore, if you meet a person who doesn‘t belong to the world of art but wears the ring on his little finger you will probably soon make sure that you‘ve met and interesting and colourful personality having a distinctive and individual attitude towards life and managing to free oneself from the frames.

The ring on the thumb (especially if this hand belongs to a man :)) means the person is expecting for exceptional attention from other people. Psychologists claim that such person usually is very attentive to his sexuality. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the thumb is a symbol of male genital, and therefore tried to protect their masculine power with an iron ring on the thumb.

Everyone knows that the ring on the third finger indicates the family status of the wearer. To some purpose ancient Egyptians believed that there is a “love artery” in this finger, which can reach the heart. Egyptians used to wear rings made from various metals, glass and ceramic on this finger.

Ancient Romans used to give rings made from iron or bronze as a symbol of marriage reinforcement. Gold wedding rings gained their popularity only in III-IV ct.

The ring is universal piece of jewellery, because it is possible to use them as the decoration of the hand fingers as well as the decoration of the toes. This piece of jewellery tells that the person wants to distinguish and means undue self-estimation. Such person is always trying to be in the centre of attention and expects to receive praise, and it doesn’t matter if he is worth of this praise or not.

To conclude, a few tips for those who love to wear rings:

  • Rings with oval or elongated gemstones makes fingers appear longer than they really are.
  • Massive rings decorated with gemstones do not fit to short women having small short hand fingers.
  • Narrow and humble rings better suits young girls.
  • It is a best taste to wear a few rings on one finger.
  • Massive and extremely expensive rings should not be worn during the daytime.

Wedding anniversary gemstones

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated after one or few months after the wedding day. The first day from which the anniversaries and jubilees are counted is the wedding day – the green wedding.

During the first year of marriage anniversaries are celebrated each month. From 1 to 15 year of marriage the anniversaries are celebrated every year and later every five years. From 45 to 50 the anniversaries again are celebrated each year. After the celebration of the 50th anniversary which is called the golden jubilee the anniversaries are again celebrated every five years. In some countries wedding anniversaries are also celebrated in the partway of the seventh, thirteenth, thirty-eight, sixty-six year of living in marriage. Thirty fourth years is also celebrated.

Twenty fifth and fiftieth anniversary is related to the Medieval German‘s traditions. They used to present women living in marriage for 25 years a crown of white and silver flowers. For those who are living in marriage for 50 years – a crown of yellow, golden flowers. It is thought that the tradition of Diamond anniversaries (60 and 75 years) has originated from Great Britain, 60 year reign of Queen Victoria

Year of anniversary







Pearl/ jade


Blue topaz/ blue zircon


Sapphire/ pink tourmaline


Amethyst/ turquoise


Onyx/ yellow sapphire/ golden beryl


Tourmaline/ tanzanite


Lapis lazuli (lazurite)/ amethyst/ green spinel


Diamond/ blue sapphire


Turquoise/ citrine/ yellow zircon


Jade (nephrite)/ opal


Citrine/ moonstone/ hawk‘s eye


Opal/ agate/ bloodstone


Ruby/ rhodolite garnet/ alexandrite


Peridot/ red spinel


Amethyst/ watches/ carnelian


Cat eye or chrysoberyl/ aquamarine


Aquamarine/ almandine garnet


Emerald/ yellow or golden diamond






Imperial topaz




Silver jubilee/ tsavorite/ green garnet


Pearl jubilee






Sapphire/ cat eye


Golden jubilee/ imperial or golden topaz




Diamond jubilee/ star ruby


Blue spinel


Sapphire jubilee/ smoky quartz


Diamond jubilee


Ruby jubilee

Pilgrim jewellery SALE at Gembid

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Vintage? What’s that?

It seems that lately the whole world has lost its mind about vintage things: not only vintage clothes and accessories became extremely fashionable, but also interior details and furniture has gained its popularity recently. If you are willing to become an admirer of this style and flaunt your vintage skirt or bag to your friends, you should first of all know what does the term “vintage” means.

To make a long story short, vintage is a stylish and authentic antique. A lyrical explanation would be that it is an old sweet antique having a nostalgic memory, its own story and persistent value. The term vintage has been created by the European winemakers to describe and emphasize the highest quality wine which is at least a decade old. Due to its accuracy this term was taken by the people from fashion world.

According to the designers, vintage things has gained its popularity in the ‘90s, when the European high-society started wearing authentic clothes from the wardrobes blanketed with dust when going  to the banquets. After the clever designers saw to which direction the fashion wheel has turned they scented out straight away that this is a perfect chance to raise clothing created a few decades ago to a new life and encouraged the celebrities to dress this way. Movie, music and runway stars loved the idea and during the public receptions they were already wearing dresses created in the beginning of the XX century by Yves Saint Lauren and Pierre Cardin. A massive silver bracelet created in the beginning of the XX century became even more valuable than the diamond necklaces or luxury jewellery made by Cartier.

Therefore, it didn’t take long for a vintage to find its place not only in the wardrobes of celebrities but also in the interiors – everything old and unique has become valuable. However, according to the designers, not everything you find in the junk-shops is vintage. Fashion historians claim that only clothes and accessory worn or new made in 1920-1980 can be titled as vintage. Things made before 1920 are already called antiquary. Sometimes vintage is also called a harmonic combination of retro and classic or even the high-fashion from the past. However, you don’t have to think that this fashion trend is intended only to the wealthy people. Designers and vintage style lovers snooping around the junk-shops in Paris, Milan, New York and London claim that it is possible to hunt some brilliant cheap things.

Vintage collections

Today prêt-à-porter fashion designers often search for an inspiration in the creations made by designers in the XX century. Even in the newest collections you will find hints to the gone decades: ruff skirts, blouses with floral motives, leather jackets, kilted dresses (similar to those worn by Marilyn Monroe), massive fly glasses, jackets with wide shoulders, massive disc style collars, plastic bracelets, wide hair ribbons – it seems that these things ignore the current of time.

Why is it worth to choose vintage things?

Vintage clothing can be beautifully matched with modern clothing and thus it is easy to create a unique style and refresh the whole outfit.

In the vintage shops you can find clothing or accessory that will be unique and no else will have it. It will then be an original accent of your style.

Vintage clothing made a few decades ago is healthier, since then the natural drapery untreated chemically has played the first violin.

Three tips to those who want to “domesticate” vintage style

  1. Do not try to buy everything at once. At first get a few accessories.
  2. Try vintage clothing before buying it – it is paradoxical but usually vintage clothing looks way much better when worn then that hanging on the hanger.
  3. If you do not have a style taste, be careful when choosing vintage clothing. They look great only when matched with things that are fashionable today. If you will wear vintage from head to toe, most likely you will look like an actress run away from the history drama.

Post scriptum. If you want to find out which decade vintage suits best to you, search for Youtube videos about the fashion back in that time.

Best neckline for your body and face shape

Everyone knows that deep décolletage adds a flavour of the sexiness and catches the eye. Other types of necklines also have its’ advantages. Refresh your wardrobe and do not forget about this detail. Especially, if the nature hasn’t given you a perfect face or body shape.

If you feel that you don’t have a clue on what neckline would emphasize your elegant body shape? Instead of tried one shirt after another you should first of all evaluate your height, weight and body proportions. Then, concentrate your attention to your shoulder line.

Shoulder width equals hip width

Rather strict shoulder line can be softened wearing upper clothing with a V-shape neckline which will visually elongate the neck. Not deep round or ship shape neckline also suits. The only shape that should be avoided is deep oval neckline.

Note: When choosing jewellery, prefer strict geometrical shapes and forms.

Round sloping shoulders

The line of the shoulders will get straighter line if you choose clothing with oval or round neckline if any size. Such clothing will put the emphasis on the elegant neck) Square neckline will make your shoulders look wider and its line will become more strict. Do not choose clothing with the V-shape neckline – it’s not for you.

Note: When creating your look, a small pendant in between the breasts, a few chains or a silk scarf close to the neck will make a good visual effect.

Narrow shoulders

You will make your narrow shoulders more wide wearing a blouse or dress with a square neckline. Deep wide rectangular shape neckline also suits. Small V-neckline, especially matched with puffed sleeves will also look good on you.

Note: Women having a fuller body shouldn’t avoid bid jewellery on neck, such as pendants or collars, also brooches, wide and fluffy shawls. Such accessories direct the look from the burly lower part of the body.

Wide shoulders

If you want to narrow your shoulders optically, choose upper body clothing with a V-neck, also with a deep oval décolletage. If your neck is nice, clothing with a low adherent collar will suit you. Avoid wearing clothing with a boat neckline.

Note: Long massive necklace will pay the attention off your wide shoulders.

It also depends on your face shape

According to some stylists, the neckline of the clothing matters only if the nature hasn’t given you a nice oval face-shape. Neckline visually corrects face proportions. Therefore, you don’t need to waste your time doing the corrective make-up.

If your face shape is rectangular, and also quite narrow, you should prefer clothing with wider not-too-deep necklines. You will look beautiful wearing a blouse and a jacket with a small oval neck, like a jewel one.

Triangle face will look more proportional if you will choose a boat shape neckline or an oval neckline of any depth.

If you face is oval, choose clothing with V-neck of any size. A perfect choice for an evening wear – a dress or a blouse with a narrow décolletage like surplice.

Square face shape will look softer, if you will wear a blouse with oval or V-neck décolletage.

Need to know

  • Wide V-neck decolletage harmonizes the silhouette, therefore it suits those having a narrow shoulders and wide hips (in this case do not forget to wear a bra lifting up the breasts).
  • Blouses, shirts or dresses with a narrow, not-deep V-neck is a good choice if you have plump breasts and want to pay the attention off them.
  • Deeper V-neck elongates the neck visually, while the oval neck perfectly masks too small chest.
  • Woman whose neck is short and thick, shouldn‘t wear clothes with round or boat shape necklines.
  • Draped neckline suits on those having narrow shoulders, short neck and pears shape figure. Deep draped neckline visually lifts the breasts.
  • High collar doesn‘t suit everyone. Clothes with such collar suits best to those whose shoulders are narrow, neck is long and thin and fas shape is long. High-collar clothes should be avoided by those having a thick fae and wide shoulders.

Love dresses with deep decolletage?

Take a close look at your skin. Use special skincare products regularly (cream, serum, etc). If you are wearing a blouse or a dress with a deep décolletage, don‘t forget to powder the visible portion of the body with a glowing powder.