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Pinterest beach party

Hi all,

Moors mummy offered another topic for a pinterest party, and this week it is the BEACH.

Wow, this reminds me of holidays. Also reminds me to apply for a summer vacation from work 🙂

This time I decided to pin a video, not a picture. This is livebroadcast from one of the Baltic Sea beaches in Lithuania.

It seems that the weather out there is really nice. And what else I looove about this picture and the broadcast is that you can actually see the roundness of the world! Isn’t that wonderful? 🙂
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P-Party – Country life

So this week Pinterest Party at is all about Country life.

Here is what I see when I close my eys ad dream about countryside..

For me country life is a life far far away from the city, where in summer there is more green that you could ever embrace. Lovely

Have a nice week and plan a trip to the countryside next weekend!


I am participating in Pinterest Party

I have accidentally found this nice blog and they organize Pinterest Parties! Yay!

Pinterest, for those who hear about it for the first time, is a social platform for people to share photos. Visit Pinterest at

So I decide to participate in this Pinterest Party the idea of which is to find one pin that relates to the particular topic. And this week its FLOWERS.

So here is my pin of flower 🙂

It is a beautiful ring that consists of 13 stones of tanzanite set in sterling silver. The image was originally posted by GembidUK,who sells this tanzanite ring at their online jewellery shop.

Participate at this Pinterest Party and search for beautifull flowers!