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Which gemstone should you choose?

Why gemstones bring luck?

There is a huge amount of energy inside of each gemstone. Depending on the situation some gemstones can emit a better energy than the others. In the event of the change of the situation, the gemstone bringing the luck can also change. Therefore, feel free to experiment with the gemstones, follow your heart and intuition and you‘ll feel the best effects of gemstones.

Stone of luck

When it should be used?


Lucky protection. Inner balance. Choose agate jewellery.


The development of the subconscious abilities, when reaching for luck in every field of work. Choose amethyst jewellery.

Citrine, malachite

Luck in business. Choose citrine jewellery.

Tourmaline, aventurine

Luck in gambling.

Smoky quartz

Physical strength, energy and patience – suitable for athletes. Choose smoky quartz jewellery.


Searching for inner peace? If you are a writer, this gemstone is for you. Choose sodalite jewellery.

Cat eye, hematite

Luck in understanding other people. Choose cat eye jewellery.


Luck to keep your partner loyal to you

Red jasper

Not to be afraid of anything. Choose jasper jewellery.


Need of double luck in any situation. Choose agate jewellery.


Need luck in professional life. Choose garnet jewellery.


Need to get rid of stress and energy blocking. Choose amber jewellery.


Need luck to make dreams come true. Choose amethyst jewellery.

Rose quartz, hematite

Need luck in the wedding.


Need luck in earning money. Choose citrine jewellery.


Need strengthen the relationship with the partner.


Need protection, strength, energy and concentration.

Red jasper

Great for actors. Choose jasper jewellery.


Wedding anniversary gemstones

Wedding anniversaries are celebrated after one or few months after the wedding day. The first day from which the anniversaries and jubilees are counted is the wedding day – the green wedding.

During the first year of marriage anniversaries are celebrated each month. From 1 to 15 year of marriage the anniversaries are celebrated every year and later every five years. From 45 to 50 the anniversaries again are celebrated each year. After the celebration of the 50th anniversary which is called the golden jubilee the anniversaries are again celebrated every five years. In some countries wedding anniversaries are also celebrated in the partway of the seventh, thirteenth, thirty-eight, sixty-six year of living in marriage. Thirty fourth years is also celebrated.

Twenty fifth and fiftieth anniversary is related to the Medieval German‘s traditions. They used to present women living in marriage for 25 years a crown of white and silver flowers. For those who are living in marriage for 50 years – a crown of yellow, golden flowers. It is thought that the tradition of Diamond anniversaries (60 and 75 years) has originated from Great Britain, 60 year reign of Queen Victoria

Year of anniversary







Pearl/ jade


Blue topaz/ blue zircon


Sapphire/ pink tourmaline


Amethyst/ turquoise


Onyx/ yellow sapphire/ golden beryl


Tourmaline/ tanzanite


Lapis lazuli (lazurite)/ amethyst/ green spinel


Diamond/ blue sapphire


Turquoise/ citrine/ yellow zircon


Jade (nephrite)/ opal


Citrine/ moonstone/ hawk‘s eye


Opal/ agate/ bloodstone


Ruby/ rhodolite garnet/ alexandrite


Peridot/ red spinel


Amethyst/ watches/ carnelian


Cat eye or chrysoberyl/ aquamarine


Aquamarine/ almandine garnet


Emerald/ yellow or golden diamond






Imperial topaz




Silver jubilee/ tsavorite/ green garnet


Pearl jubilee






Sapphire/ cat eye


Golden jubilee/ imperial or golden topaz




Diamond jubilee/ star ruby


Blue spinel


Sapphire jubilee/ smoky quartz


Diamond jubilee


Ruby jubilee

Zodiac sign and character types. Zodiac sign and gemstones

The personality of people depends on the position of the stars the day when they were born. We are born with some particular character types encoded in our genes, while the other features are determined by the zodiac sign.

Therefore, take any person that you know well and check, whether the stars are not lying. This short list of these personal features will help you to reveal the personalities of people that you know well and the ones whom you newly met.

Aquarius (21.01-18.02) 

Funny, friendly, agile, versatile, sensitive.

Careless, impatient, unreliable.

Gemstone: Garnet, turquoise

Fish (19.02-20.03) 

Compassionate, sacrificial, organizer.

Petty, frivolous, mesmerizing.

Gemstone: Amethyst, amethyst-quartz

Aries (21.03-19.04) 

Active, impulsive, persistent, furious.

Self-centered, capricious, indiscreet, frivolous.

Gemstone: Jasper, red carnelian

Taurus (20.04-20.05) 

Self-confident, fair, loyal, patient, smart.

Tough, stubborn, overbearing, aspiring pleasures.

Gemstone: Sapphire, orange carnelian

Gemini (21.05-21.06) 

Eloquent, tolerant, witty, perceptive, dreamy.

Unfaithful, unreliable, superficial.

Gemstone: Agate, citrine, cat‘s eye, tiger‘s eye

Cancer (22.06-22.07) 

Sensitive, sensitive, loyal, kind-hearted.

Cranky, shy, not hearken, sensitive.

Gemstone: Emerald, green aventurine.

Lion (23.07-22.08) 

Enterprising, hospitable, brave, self-confident.

Arrogant, boastful, extravagant, overbearing, conceited.

Gemstone: Onyx, rock crystal

Virgin (23.08-22.09) 

Intelligent, shrewd, observant, neat, curious.

Arrogant, overbearing, jealous, stingy.

Gemstone: Carnelian, yellow agate

Libra (23.09-23.10) 

Having a good sense of humour, charming, candid, correct.

Bold, careless, arrogant, superficial.

Gemstone: Peridot, orange citrine.

Scorpio (24.10-22.11) 

Sensitive, reliable, passionate.

Combative, stubborn, too good about yourself minded, combative.

Gemstone: Aquamarine, blue red carnelian

Sagittarius (23.11-21.12) 

An enthusiastic, looking for adventure, an idealist.

Rough, prickly, proud, loving smear.

Gemstone: Topaz, blue quartz

Capricorn (22.12-20.01)

Honest, hard, tough, self-critical, reserved.

Jealous, stingy, pessimistic, cynical.

Gemstone: Ruby, onyx

Power of talisman

Thousands of years ago people have noticed, that some particular things are useful not only in everyday life, but also help to reach for the higher personal objectives, for example, to protect oneself from the bad-eye. Sceptics, however, could tell that there is nothing special in these particular things. The key is the believing in the power of the thing. If person feel more self-confident when keeping a conker in the hand while taking an exam, isn‘t it magic?

Precious and semi-precious stones are often used as amulets, talismans and charms. Each of gemstones has some particular characteristic and powers. Here is some information on few of the magical stones.

Amber chases away the evil powers and protects from rheumatism. Read more about amber.

Aquamarine attracts love, give hope and protect travellers.

Diamond repel the bad people, ensures the loyalty of the loved one.

Emerald strengthens memory and protect from the evil spirits.

Lapis lazuli protects from black magic and chase away melancholy and insomnia.

Onyx cherishes marriage and protects it from the influence of the strangers.

Pearl improves the condition of skin, heals feverish people, give peace. Read more about pearl.

Sapphire brings love, peace and protects eyes.

Turquoise brings unity into the family.

If you are sceptic about the power of gemstone, and can’t imagine yourself carrying or wearing a huge gemstone amulet in your pocket or on your neck, then consider the possibility of getting a nice subtle looking piece of jewellery, which would become your lucky charm. You must have heard about the oldest gemstone – amber. So Maybe it will be an amber pendant? Or maybe amber earrings? What about amber bracelet? Having in mind, that jewellery is usualy worn when going out, maybe amethyst jewellery would be a good choice, since amethyst protect it wearer from the intoxicating effects of wine 🙂 Accoding to the mythology, one would not get drunk when drinking from a cup made of amethyst 🙂  (nowadays, the question is, where to find such cup?)

The fact is that none of the above mention gemstones, nor the ones that are missed in this list, will protect a person if he is a non-believer. The strength and the power of mind acting collectively with the power of the gemstone can do miracles.