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Vintage? What’s that?

It seems that lately the whole world has lost its mind about vintage things: not only vintage clothes and accessories became extremely fashionable, but also interior details and furniture has gained its popularity recently. If you are willing to become an admirer of this style and flaunt your vintage skirt or bag to your friends, you should first of all know what does the term “vintage” means.

To make a long story short, vintage is a stylish and authentic antique. A lyrical explanation would be that it is an old sweet antique having a nostalgic memory, its own story and persistent value. The term vintage has been created by the European winemakers to describe and emphasize the highest quality wine which is at least a decade old. Due to its accuracy this term was taken by the people from fashion world.

According to the designers, vintage things has gained its popularity in the ‘90s, when the European high-society started wearing authentic clothes from the wardrobes blanketed with dust when going  to the banquets. After the clever designers saw to which direction the fashion wheel has turned they scented out straight away that this is a perfect chance to raise clothing created a few decades ago to a new life and encouraged the celebrities to dress this way. Movie, music and runway stars loved the idea and during the public receptions they were already wearing dresses created in the beginning of the XX century by Yves Saint Lauren and Pierre Cardin. A massive silver bracelet created in the beginning of the XX century became even more valuable than the diamond necklaces or luxury jewellery made by Cartier.

Therefore, it didn’t take long for a vintage to find its place not only in the wardrobes of celebrities but also in the interiors – everything old and unique has become valuable. However, according to the designers, not everything you find in the junk-shops is vintage. Fashion historians claim that only clothes and accessory worn or new made in 1920-1980 can be titled as vintage. Things made before 1920 are already called antiquary. Sometimes vintage is also called a harmonic combination of retro and classic or even the high-fashion from the past. However, you don’t have to think that this fashion trend is intended only to the wealthy people. Designers and vintage style lovers snooping around the junk-shops in Paris, Milan, New York and London claim that it is possible to hunt some brilliant cheap things.

Vintage collections

Today prêt-à-porter fashion designers often search for an inspiration in the creations made by designers in the XX century. Even in the newest collections you will find hints to the gone decades: ruff skirts, blouses with floral motives, leather jackets, kilted dresses (similar to those worn by Marilyn Monroe), massive fly glasses, jackets with wide shoulders, massive disc style collars, plastic bracelets, wide hair ribbons – it seems that these things ignore the current of time.

Why is it worth to choose vintage things?

Vintage clothing can be beautifully matched with modern clothing and thus it is easy to create a unique style and refresh the whole outfit.

In the vintage shops you can find clothing or accessory that will be unique and no else will have it. It will then be an original accent of your style.

Vintage clothing made a few decades ago is healthier, since then the natural drapery untreated chemically has played the first violin.

Three tips to those who want to “domesticate” vintage style

  1. Do not try to buy everything at once. At first get a few accessories.
  2. Try vintage clothing before buying it – it is paradoxical but usually vintage clothing looks way much better when worn then that hanging on the hanger.
  3. If you do not have a style taste, be careful when choosing vintage clothing. They look great only when matched with things that are fashionable today. If you will wear vintage from head to toe, most likely you will look like an actress run away from the history drama.

Post scriptum. If you want to find out which decade vintage suits best to you, search for Youtube videos about the fashion back in that time.